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The WCA Committee Structure is Under Reconstruction

In an attempt to streamline our committees from eleven to nine, the Executive Committee has been busy re-developing and refining the committees. So, please bear with us as we work through the proposed changes and figure out what will work best, before we finalize the new committee structure.

Proposed descriptions for realigned committees

The Club has 9 standing committees. Two Committees of the Board, and Seven Committees of the Corporation. Other committees may form on an ad-hoc basis to complete finite tasks. Meeting frequency is determined by committee chairs. 

Committees of the Board

Finance: Monitors financial activities to fulfill the WCA’s mission in the most effective and efficient manner and to prevent the misuse or unlawful use of funds. The committee recommends fiscal procedures and guidelines; develops an annual budget; designs accurate and timely financial reports; recommends selection of, and works with, an auditor; advises the Board of appropriate financial priorities and information systems; and reports any financial irregularities, concerns or opportunities to the Board in a timely manner. Chair: Sue Finn Treasurer: Pattie Beeler.

Governance: Ensures that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance policy development, education, monitoring of Board activities and evaluation of Board performance. The committee facilitates the Club's compliance with current laws and regulations and supports best practices in all its activities. The committee drafts and recommends amendments of the By Laws, when deemed necessary.  It is responsible for recruiting and recommending to the Board suitable Nominating Committee members and for recruiting and nominating officer. Chair: Anne Gresco Co-chair: 

Committees of the Corporation

Building Committee: Oversees the maintenance, preservation, and restoration of The Woman's Club of Albany building, Gardening and Decorating the House for the Holidays. The committee recommends and keeps to a maintenance schedule, including roof and furnace maintenance and cleaning of gutters. The committee vets and recommends contractors when work needs to be done and oversees contractors and caretaker's maintenance responsibilities. The committee works closely with the Capital Campaign project group that is part of the Development Committee. Chair: Pattie Beeler Co-chair: Marti Murphy

Communications: Ensures timely and accurate internal and external communications about the Woman's Club of Albany. The committee assists program coordinators, event chairs, and all members involved in WCA events and fundraising with the tools to market and promote the events and programs. The committee informs membership of WCA news, events and happenings. Chair: Maryhelen Lounello Co-chair: Joann Crupi

Archives: Encourages the documentation of Club activities, uses historical material to promote the history of the Club and its members, and promotes use of the archives, now located at the SUNY M.E Grenander Department of Special Collections. Project leaders: Mary Thackeray and Pam Robinson

Community Service: Assists The Woman's Club of Albany in achieving its mission through volunteer participation in projects that help raise the awareness of issues critical to women and children in local communities. The committee coordinates collections of items donated to social services organizations and volunteer opportunities for projects completed at the WCA or off-site.  Chair: Joann Crupi Co-chair Sue Finn

Development: Coordinates all activities to raise funds to support the operations of the WCA, repair and restoration of the WCA building, and money donated to other organizations as part of the WCA’s mission of philanthropy.  Chair: Linda Wagner. Co-chair:Mary Thackeray.

Membership: Focuses on recruitment, retention and recognition of club members through hospitality, member events and “Member Mondays,” our monthly membership meetings, Tuesdays on the Porch and Tuesdays in the Parlor. Chair: Maryhelen Lounello Co-chair: Charlotte Prior

Programs: Plans and promotes WCA programming consistent with our mission and the interests of our membership. Encourages public participation and community partnership. Responsible for Volunteer Recognition. Chair: Ginny O’Brien Co-chair

Rentals: Is responsible for all aspects of renting the WCA.  Chair: Patti Kopach Co-Chair: Fran Altshuler

Ad-Hoc Committees:

These are committees formed on an as-needed basis.

Centennial Building Committee – will oversee a variety of programs, activities, and events that celebrate 100 years of ownership of WCA Historical Building.  Chair: Patti Kopach, Co-Chairs: Joann Crupi, Anne Gresco

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